Who we are
Monroe Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Monroe SPCA) is a 501c.3 tax-exempt, non-profit animal welfare and protection organization incorporated in the State of Michigan in 2010.

Our Vision
Monroe SPCA envisions a humane and no-kill community where people treat each other and animals with kindness, respect, and empathy.

Our Mission
Monroe SPCA’s mission is to save, protect, and improve the lives of animals.

In fulfilling our mission we intend to be a leader in promoting humane values, preventing cruelty to animals, ending animal homelessness, and providing protection to and responsible placement of animals in-need.

What we believe
Monroe SPCA’s founding principles are grounded in a common belief that animals are entitled to humane treatment by humans. This belief, supported by Michigan laws, means this standard should not be left to or directed by individual human impulses or whims. We believe humane treatment is an entitlement that is secured and must be afforded animals under the law. So as to ensure this most fundamental standard of care is provided to all animals within our reach, Monroe SPCA will, whenever possible, work together with, partner, affiliate, and network with others to improve animal welfare conditions throughout Southeast Michigan, focusing our primary efforts on helping animals’ in-need in Monroe County, Michigan.

What we do
Monroe SPCA works to create harmonious relationships between humans and animals. To this end, we create, develop, use, promote, support, and share programs and policies which alleviate the pain, fear, and suffering of animals. Through programs of education, advocacy, prevention, support, and intervention we  provide for, improve, and ensure the welfare of animals. As a proactive, solution-based community animal welfare and protection organization our primary efforts currently include assisting, training, educating, guiding, and when needed, challenging those charged with their care as owners, guardians, shelters, control and impoundment facilities, law enforcement and government officials, officers, and agencies, as well as other animal welfare organizations and groups.

Our Programs and Services
Monroe SPCA has spent the last year developing and promoting programs which increase awareness about humane and responsible solutions to pet overpopulation, homelessness, and sheltering. Our initial education and outreach programs are focused on establishing humane value standards for displaced animals and raising awareness, dispelling myths, and elevating the status of free-roaming and feral cats and colonies, as well as Pit bull and Pit bull-type dogs.

Throughout 2013 and 2014 we will increase our support services and expand education and outreach programs to include animal behavior and training programs, foster care, emergency and shelter medical treatment, and adoption services.

Monroe SPCA is currently working on a community lost and found program which will help to reunite lost animals with their owners. Our recently launched Wish List program, which we will soon expand, allows us to collect and distribute much needed daily, essential care items - all of which help to improve the quality of life for animals most in-need of it. We also host, frequently in partnership with others, community support programs which promote responsible pet ownership and provide assistance to displaced animals in area shelters, as well as pet owners facing economic hardships and other temporary emergency situations.

Additionally, Monroe SPCA’s community volunteer program is currently underway and we are finalizing plans for a dedicated emergency medical fund for animals called the Hope Fund. Once established, the Hope Fund will serve animals who are sick, injured, and/or victims of cruelty, neglect, abandonment, or exploitation and who need immediate intervention and medical treatment.

Because we believe proper and expedient application and enforcement of the law is a necessary first step in cruelty prevention, as well as for making positive and lasting changes for animal victims of crime, we are currently developing a Cruelty and Rescue Division. Members who serve on our Field Investigation and Response Team will be required to complete extensive training, including completing State of Michigan, Animal Control Officer Training. Monroe SPCA plans to put humane law enforcement officers and cruelty investigators in the field to conduct anti-cruelty and rescue operations beginning in 2015.

How we are funded
Monroe SPCA will host and sponsor programs, projects, and events that help to secure resources and funds which serve the immediate and long-term needs of animals, primarily in Monroe County, and help us to fulfill our mission. We are not affiliated with, nor do we receive funding from the ASPCA, the HSUS, or any other humane organization. As a 501c.3 federal tax-exempt, not-for-profit organization, we rely on the support and generosity of individuals and businesses in our community, as well as public and foundation grants, to help animals.

How we conduct our work
Monroe SPCA works with and supports reputable and transparent animal welfare organizations and rescue groups throughout Southeast Michigan and Northwest Ohio. Because needed change for displaced animals in our community continues to be prevented and animals continue to suffer, largely as a result of systemic problems plaguing Monroe County’s two licensed animal shelters, resolving them is at the top of Monroe SPCA’s priority list.

Monroe SPCA therefore intends to work with and promote the working together of animal welfare and related organizations and agencies in Monroe County for the purposes of making positive and lasting changes for animals and their care providers throughout Monroe County. We also intend to increase, promote, and ensure necessary accountability and transparency for the same purposes.

As a community organization based in and for Monroe County, we think it not only makes sense to have productive relationships with Monroe County officials, agencies, and organizations that are open and transparent, but that it is also expected of us to do so. In this spirit, we will continue our efforts to establish and build professional relationships with Monroe County officials and organizations, in addition to working with individuals, groups, and entities who are committed to improving animal welfare through responsible and proactive programs, practices, and policy.